jeudi 18 octobre 2012

Somewhere in the Rest of Canada (ROC)

Hey guys, what's up? I've got a story for ya. Well, I'm not Steinbeck or whoever knowing how to write  a little bit in English. I'm just a crazy Frenchman. A kinda French Borat maybe arf! arf! And also a crazy Indian. And I always will remember that quotation from the famous jazzman Sun Ra: «His story is not my story». Then, my story is right here. Some of yours won't give a shit for that, I know. But I had to show ya that shit guys, especially for testing the international language of our times, just after music and cartoons. English is a monkey language like some others. It's not that difficult to learn. Nobody knows how to speak it well, like it is in French either.

Well, well, well, what could I tell ya, eh?

Maybe a story about the times I was somewhere in the Rest of Canada (ROC), as we say in Quebec for marking a limit.

I'd been in Vancouver, yeah. It was during the 90s. I lived close to Main street, on Keyfer street, in a part considered as the Chinatown. I was the taller guy on the streets and I used for sure to eat asian foods. That wasn't that bad. I had the feeling that I was somewhere else on an other continent, y'know. A kind of dépaysement and I couldn't translate that... If I ought to translate everything I'd better shut up...

Then, I had a place to sleep for amount fifty hundred bucks per month. It was a dirty spot full of mice and cockroaches. So, I couldn't sleep that much...

There were about forty rooms in that fucking dirty place. It was full of tramps, hobos and other welfare bums. There was a bathroom for ten people and, during the night, and even during the day, prostitutes used to come up with their clients. So I couldn't wash myself without cleaning the bath with a full can of Old Dutch. Then, that good Ol' Butch of mine (my nickname is Butch Bouchard) could take some rest far away from cockroaches, mice and prostitutes.

It wasn't the best period of my life meanwhile it wasn't the worst.

I was young. I had a lot to learn. Especially my English and my Mandarin either.

I don't know for what the fuck I'm telling ya that.

Jeez... We're just a quarter to four in the morning. Sun is still sleeping. 

5 commentaires:

  1. Yo Butch! W'tsup!!
    'Tention, si y a un coup d'vent ton anglais pourrait rester accroché pis tu s'rais pogné comme moé à toujours écrire en anglais.

  2. Gnama bana haba jark kreq prokwickz! ;)

  3. Confusius à dit:

    " English instructions are easier than chinese one's to cook rice."

  4. J'ai écrit en anglais parce que l'anglais me cillait dans les oreilles depuis une semaine. Comme un flashback... Suis-je en voie d'assimilation? Pas du tout. Baudelaire a bien traduit Edgar Allen Poe...