jeudi 3 juillet 2008

Ce blogue sera bientôt disponible en version macédonienne

L'écrivain macédonien Bukarski parle de moi. Il a mis une de mes peintures sur son blogue.

Pourriez-vous me traduire ce qu'il écrit svp?

Spasiba... ou merci en slave, si je ne m'abuse.

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  1. The French Artist Gaétan Bouchard: "Bukarski, you've made my day!"

    "Vagabont" a painting of Gaétan Bouchard, my artist brother from Quebec

    The multitalented artist and writer Gaétan Bouchard, pleasantly surprised by the statements I made in the article published by "Dnevnik", presented to the French public by the French Coruirer International.

    In regard to the literary creation being too subservient to the state and to history, he indicates an interesting observation, a critic he has made before in regard to literature in Quebec, a parallel of similarity between the Balkan and his cultural surrounding.

    Further, he kindly expessed interest in learning Russian or Macedonian language to be able to follow my blog ( I suppose the because of the Slavic origin of the both languages, he thought the difference is minimal)

    «I'm from Quebec (Canada) and I think there's too many teachers in our rotten literature because we're always talking about those fucking things: nationalism and history. You've made my day. Take care. I ought to learn russian or macedonian for being able to read your texts. Thanks man. You're cool. Truly yours. Gaétan Bouchard, écrivain.»

    You may read the entire text at his Blog

    Art Gallery